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Nik Faiz

Professional Career Coach & EQ Motivator
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Nik Faiz

Professional Career Coach & EQ Motivator
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NIK FAIZ, known as ‘The Career Expert’, is a International Certified Professional Career Coach (US) and EQ Motivator. He is undertaking a wide range of seminars and workshops to help civil servants, private and university students for career planning, job seeking, motivation and Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Malaysia.


Malaysia’s First Certified Professional Career Coach (US)

Nik Faiz is Malaysia’s First Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) by Professional Association Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW//CC), US who Earns Industry Gold-Standard Career Coaching Credential, with top marks, joining the high ranks of CPCCs!.

Professional Member

Nik Faiz is an active member of and registered to Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches, PARW / CC, US.

Career Coaching

Nik Faiz has 12 years of experience in the field of career consulting in private and government sectors and was directly involved in a job interview and resume consultant.

He has successfully conducted more than 600 programs, motivation, and career and has helped thounsands of employee, university and college graduates make career preparation by sharing knowledge to create an effective resume, skills and technique to pass an interview.

He also has a lot of experience in helping individuals to plan their career, and this includes those who were offered VSS through a one-to-one (Personal) career coaching.


Emotional Intelligence (EQ Motivator

Nik Faiz actively organizing coaching and courses to the public and received a lot of special invitation for career and EQ motivational seminars at universities and private companies throughout the country, Brunei, Indonesia, and Singapore.