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Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Understanding Emotions

By April 29, 2016No Comments

There was a story about a young boy who had an infection in amygdala. The doctors who have been treating him is suggesting to the parent that they have 2-two option; either :

(1)- To take out the amygdala and affecting the child emotion or

(2)  Treat him with antibiotics and the bacteria infection could spread and affecting the whole brain.

Parents Make The Decisions

The parents have decided to take out the amygdala and stop the infection.

After hours of surgery, the boy began get conscious.

The doctor ask the boy ‘what is your name?’ the boy says ‘my name is Brian’, the doctor ask him another question, ‘do you know who are these two peoples?’ the boy said ‘yes they are my parent’, and then the parent hug Brian with tears.

A few months later…

The parents began to realize that even thou Brian was watching a sad movie or a funny cartoon, he never cried and he never laugh.

The mom now understands,this is what the doctor meant by the surgery that will affect Brian emotions, he is now having no emotion at all.

Amygdala may seem to be a small bean like shaped, but it is the most important part that will control our emotions and feelings.

Control Our Emotions and Feelings


Emotions vary from one state of mind to another. For example, when we are watching a movie whereby the actor is doing a foolish act, our brain will began to process it as an abnormal act, thus connecting together with amygdala and telling that the act is funny and we began to laugh.

When amygdalae have seen to lose its function, no feeling and emotions will be projected hence, no action will take place.

According to science research, it takes about 300milisecond for you to be aware of a disturbing event, the amygdala only react within just 20miliseconds!

Now you see why it is important to manage your emotions.

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Thank you,
Nik Faiz

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